Raymond McShannon "Ray" Penman

Born 10 May 1943
Died 1 November 2018, Bristol

About Raymond McShannon "Ray"

Ray was born in Campbeltown, Argyllshire, Scotland on the 10th May 1943 to parents Netta and Joe Penman. The oldest sibling of three boys (Dennis and William).

Ray met the love of his life Irene in the local pub (The Sugarloaf) while on a weekend pass from the Devon and Dorset Army Regiment. Which he later married on the 4th May 1968. They later divorced, they had there ups and downs but in 2000 rekindled their relationship.

Father to two Children Anthony and Tiffany and Grandfather to six grandchildren and great grandfather to Travis, Ray loved his family even with the family arguements between them.

He loved his cheeky little bet on the horses, most mornings he would tell Irene he was just popping round the shop for a paper and then arrive home hours later.

He was a proud of his Scottish heritage although he disliked the kilts.

He will be missed by his family very dearly!!

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