Albert Angell

  • Born: 19 June 1938
  • Died: 2 June 2018

Albert was born in 1938 to Evelyn and Albert Edward Angell in Lower Cock Road, Kingswood. He was the middle of seven children, and often joked about being part of the Cock Road Gang!  He went, firstly, to Cadbury Heath Council School, and then to Woodstock School. The family have a photo of him in the school rugby team at about the age of 13. Albert was working at Bristol Commercial Vehicles when he was introduced to the Shaftesbury Dings Rugby Club. He met Jennifer, in 1958. They married at Hanham Ebenezer Methodist Church in 1962. He moved on to work at GB Britton’s in 1963, where he stayed until the factory closed. He had two children – Richard, born in 1965 and Caroline, in 1968. In around 1971, Albert injured his back, and was in a plaster jacket for three months. At this point he gave up playing rugby, and trained as a rugby referee, which he continued to referee, officially, until his mid 60’s – unofficially he was still do the odd game, and running the touch until his early 70’s. Albert (Bert, as he was known to the rugby club) ran the bar, sat on committees, helped with maintenance, at the rugby club. Hanham Methodist Church played an important part in Alberts life. He became an active member in 1995, and in his time, was a steward, a member of the property committee, Church Fair organisation committee, ran the sound system, put up the candles for the candlelight service, topped up the toilet rolls, and many, many other jobs that no-one realised he was doing. Albert had four grandchildren – Theresa, Ben, Jessica and Jasmine. His first great-grandchild, Eric, came along in 2015. He was so looking forward to meeting his second, Flynn Albert, who was born just 12 days after his death. Albert died on 2nd June 2018 at St Peter’s Hospice. He is very much missed by his family and friends.


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