Terms of services

A) Terms for ordering and delivering of flowers


1 The service and the parties

This is a common flower ordering service for all funeral homes in The Netherlands. Each funeral home chooses which florist they will use to create and deliver the products and they can choose whether your order and payment goes directly to the chosen florist or through the funeral home. The e-flower shop solution and associated billing process is operated by Adstate in cooperation with XXX. Each funeral home fills the store with their items and prices in cooperation with their chosen florist. The order confirmation states who will receive the order and deliver the goods.
All people over 18 years of age are allowed to use the service

2 Product description

All products are handcrafts made by local florists. The pictures showing the product in the online store match as much as possible the product being delivered. Due to varying availability of some types of flowers, it could be that some flowers are replaced with similar flowers of equivalent value. There will always be sought that the delivered product matches the product image and hence the ordered product.
Many of the products can have up to 3 sizes. The photo shows the product in medium size, unless stated otherwise. Small and large differ in size from medium but a large bouquet can also include additional components, such as greenery.

3 Prices

Prices shown in the shop include VAT. For those products that are available in several sizes the price is stated per size in the ordering stage, where the size is selected. There is a delivery charge of the product, but this may vary depending on the type of delivery place, ceremony place or private address.
Otherwise delivery price stated in the product description, it will always appear in the summary of the order, before the booking is made. Here, the total price including all fees and charges arise.

4 Delivery times and deadlines

Delivery of flowers to ceremonies are done ahead of the ceremony, in consultation with the funeral home. To be sure that the goods are delivered on time the booking have to be made at the latest 12:00 am. on the last business day before the ceremony. If your order includes ribbons with printed text, the deadline for ordering is at 12.00 am. two business days before the ceremony. Orders made after the deadline will be delivered if possible. If it is not possible the order will be cancelled and the purchase price will be paid back.
Deliveries to private addresses are made continuously, and will take place within 1 to 3 business days after your order is received. If there are other factors like extreme weather, which makes it impossible to deliver within this time limit, they will be delivered as soon as possible. If the recipient is not at home and it is not checked for delivery to the door or to the neighbour, the florist takes the item back to the store. The florist will either leave a message for the recipient to contact the florist to arrange pickup or delivery of the item, or attempt delivery again at a later date. Delivery takes place by courier, bus or ferry.

5 Ordering and order confirmation

The booking is made when payment is completed. An order confirmation will be sent by email to your orders, which summarizes the entire order. Should there be something about the order that makes florist unable to deliver the ordered product or to the stated price, address or time duties florist immediately contact the buyer to advise on this. Buyer is then free to cancel the order to obtain a refund.
For those products that are available in several sizes, is the price stated per size in the ordering stage where the size selected. There is a delivery charge of the product, but this may vary depending on the type of delivery place, ceremony place or private address.

6 Payment

The payment is done with credit / debit card as part of the order. This requires a valid card authorized by the bank for online payments. The payment solution is hosted by XXX and card redemption is undertaken by XXXX. These are professionals who set payment security as a top priority. The money is deducted directly by order and not upon delivery of the goods.

7 Complaints

If there is something about the quality of the product or delivery that is not satisfactory, then the buyer must contact the florist who delivered the product. Contact data for this can be found on order receipt. Contact information to undertakers are always on the website linked to where the order was placed. A complaint must be made as soon as possible after delivery and contain a minimum order number, description of the defect and contact data of the person who is having the complaint.

8 Right of withdrawal

Cancellation rights apply to services not performed and must therefore be notified before florist has started work. For products to ceremony location corresponds to the deadline for the order. For large orders of over £ 100, the same deadline as the pressure on the strip at. 12.00 two working days before delivery.

9 Personal information

All customer information is treated confidentially. We rely on correct information about the buyer in case we need to get in touch with the person. These details will not be passed on to 3rd party without the client's consent.

10 Ownership

All materials and information, including pictures, in the online store are protected by copyright law and may not be freely copied or used by others.



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